Hills & Dales General Hospital is excited to share they have installed their new 3-D, wide-angle mammography machine and are accepting appointments for mammograms. Hills & Dales recently purchased a Siemens Revelation Wide-Angle Mammography Unit, the first of its kind in the greater Thumb region.

The wide-angle technology offers more—and higher quality—images that provide patients a greater chance for early detection and treatment. The new machine offers personalized, soft compression that is less uncomfortable and more accurate. At the same time, it delivers one of the lowest radiation doses of any mammography machine on the market.

While most of the seven critical access hospitals in the greater Thumb region offer 3-D mammograms, Hills & Dales has the only machine to offer wide-angle scans. With a 50- degree scanning angle, the Siemens Revelation delivers 25 images per scan, versus 15 images on the standard 15-degree angle of other 3-D machines. That’s why twice as many cancers are detected with the wide-angle mammography than the narrow-angle 3-D. With the wide-angle scan producing 25 images, it can help detect tumors concealed by overlapping tissue, a feature especially important for women with dense breast tissue.

“At Hills & Dales, we pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art technology for our staff and our patients,” says Hills & Dales Manager of Radiology Mike Lewiski. “We’re excited to be able to offer a more comfortable, more advanced mammogram for our community.”

We know that COVID-19 has patients feeling apprehensive to come into the hospital. We want to assure patients it is safe. We are taking many extra precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff members. A patient with a mammogram order from their doctor should not wait, the screening can be lifesaving. If you would like to schedule your exam, please call 989-912-6295.