Price List & Estimate

Hills & Dales General Hospital is dedicated providing high value and high quality care. We are committed to supporting healthcare price transparency by providing you with information you need to understand costs of care and make informed decisions.

The Hospital Price List link below leads to our list of actual prices for all services provided by Hills & Dales General Hospital. When reviewing these prices, please consider:

  • These charges do not include individual physician fees (such as your anesthesiologist, radiologist, surgeon or other specialist)
  • Charges for some services may vary based on patient need & level of service,
  • Some charges may vary based on specific contract reimbursement terms,
  • We recommend you contact your insurance provider directly for specific coverage questions

The Online Price Estimate link below works for both insured and uninsured patients.

If you have any further questions please contact one of our billing specialists at 989-912-6800.