Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

5 Reasons to Schedule your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit!



1) It’s FREE
AWV cost you NOTHING! So there’s nothing to lose by setting up the appointment!

2) They make you eligible for other FREE services
Not only is the initial exam free, but while you’re there, you can get other free services completed or scheduled, like a free mammogram, free prostate and colorectal cancer screening, free bone density screening, and free flu and pneumococcal vaccines! A link to the complete list of tests is in the description below.

3) They secure your primary care physician
Committing to a primary care physician is the first step to getting quality, consistent care, and completing the AWV is the BEST way to do this. It brings all your medical records together to one centralized place. When your provider knows your full medical history, it’s easier for them to prevent duplicate testing and recommend the right specialists, which saves you money!

4) They help to create a more complete health picture
When you attend your AWV, you’ll be asked to fill out a patient questionnaire called a “Health Risk Assessment.” This asks all sorts of questions about your medical history from past immunizations to presents symptoms you might have! It’s easy to miss a seemingly unimportant symptom in a regular check-up, but that small symptom could point to a bigger problem. For example, did you know fatigue is common symptom of CVD in women? The AWV helps you and your doctor catch these little symptoms before they become big problems!

5) They give you a personalized prevention plan
Another great feature of the AWV is a personalized prevention plan! This is a guide your doctor creates with easy, everyday suggestions to help you improve your health. This keeps you in shape, improving your longevity and saving you money by preventing diseases down the road!


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