Hills & Dales Building Campaign Receives Donation from Rawson Foundation
Hills & Dales Building Campaign Receives Donation from Rawson Foundation

Hills & Dales Building Campaign Receives Donation from Rawson Foundation

Hills & Dales Foundation and the Building Campaign Committee are pleased to share that the campaign has received a very generous pledge from the Rawson Foundation.  The Rawson Foundation has pledged $75,000 over the next 5 years for the Building Campaign.   With the pledge, the campaign has reached $493,000; almost meeting its goal of $500,000!

The Rawson Foundation was formed on December 28, 1959 by Audley Rawson.  Along with Audley, Lena Rawson (wife), Delbert Rawson (son) and Fred Auten served as the Board of Directors.  The Foundation was established to administer funds for religious, charitable and educational purposes within the community and still serves that purpose today.  The Rawson Foundation is now housed within the Tuscola County Community Foundation.  Current Board Members include:  Robert Green (President), Robert Tuckey (Vice President), Mary Jane VanVliet (Secretary) and Dan Derfiny (Treasurer).

The Rawson Family was also one of the original donors of Hills & Dales General Hospital in 1959.  When looking through Cass City Chronicle archives, it is noted, “A room size donation made by Audley Rawson and his son D.E. Rawson will be remembered by a simple inscription reading ‘Rawson Family’. Audley Rawson is a farmer who lives five miles north of Cass City who has been prominent in county and state government.  He was educated in Marlette Schools and at Michigan State University.  He married the former Lena Day and the couple has lived in the community for 48 years.  The Rawsons have four children. Audley served for four years as State Representative from Tuscola County and four years as State Senator from the 20th district…”

Danielle Blaine, Foundation Director, notes, “When I was talking to Mr. Derfiny, he mentioned he thought the Rawson Family had donated to the original hospital.  With some research we were able to find the newspaper article.  What a really amazing circumstance, for a family’s intentions to come full circle. From 1959 to 2017, their charitable purpose is still making a huge impact on the Cass City community.  We are incredibly thankful for the generosity of the Rawson Foundation, and all of the donors who have supported this campaign.”

If you are interested in making a donation, call Danielle Blaine at 989-912-6401 or e-mail at dblaine@hdghmi.org.  You can also give online, or mail a donation to:

Hills & Dales Foundation Building Campaign

4675 Hill Street

Cass City, MI 48726

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