Renovation Information
Renovation Information

Renovation Information

An Update: 10/4/2016

Hills & Dales General Hospital continues to move ahead with their building and expansion project.  As announced in August, Hills & Dales will undergo a huge transformation, both on the ground level and inpatient floor (second floor).  There has been much anticipation around the breaking ground for this project.

Jean Anthony, President & CEO, would like to share, “Upon approval of our funding from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in August, there were a small list of contingencies Hills & Dales had to complete before closing and receiving funds.  We have been working day and night to complete these items.  But, as most things do, it has taken much longer than anticipated to complete the closing process for our funding.  It is with that in mind that we have decided to wait to break ground until spring of 2017.   It is truly in the best interest of our patients, and all others involved, to wait.”

Anthony adds, “We cannot wait to get the equipment here and get going.  But after many discussions with the construction manager and our Board of Trustees, we know it is the right decision to wait until spring.  It is just too late in the fall now to try and enclose the addition for the project and we do not want to rush into this.”

The new expected breaking ground date is spring of 2017, pending the winter weather.  In the meantime, Hills & Dales Foundation will continue to work on the Building Campaign through the winter months, which has already received commitments and donations of over $150,000.  If you would like more information about the Building Campaign or the project, you can visit the website at, or contact Danielle Blaine at 989-912-6401 or

The Project

Hills & Dales General Hospital will be undergoing a renovation and expansion to the first & second floors.  Changes will include:

    • 12 renovated patient rooms on the inpatient floor; they will become private rooms with a bathroom & shower.  They will also include a more family friendly space for those patients who have individuals who’d like to stay overnight with them.
    • A change in the layout of our inpatient floor; this will include updates to the physical therapy area, as well as the nurse’s station, activities room, offices, and storage for the second floor.
    • 25 ft. expansion to the front of the hospital which will become clinic space for two of our Hills & Dales Physicians, as well as our Specialty Physician Clinic and our After Hours Clinic.  These clinics will be directly accessible from the main entrance of the hospital.
    • Renovated registration area which will centralize our Emergency Room and Outpatient Registration.  The area will provide a more private registration process for the patient and also ensures someone is always available to greet and direct our patients and visitors.
    • A new Gift Shop for the Hills & Dales Auxiliary Group.
    • An expansion to the existing cafeteria on the lower level, providing more dining options, additional seating capacity & a friendlier environment for patients and visitors.
    • A new main entrance canopy and lobby area for the hospital, which will allow for more protection from the elements of the weather, as well as an inviting seating area in the lobby for patients and visitors.


Breaking Ground: Spring of 2017

Estimated Time to Complete Project: 18 months

Who is the construction company?  We have selected Spence Brothers as our Construction Manager, and the bids for the sub-contractors are underway right now.

Estimated Cost of Project: $6 Million


Benefits of the Project: The benefits of this project will be experienced immediately and for many, many years to come.  When making decisions about moving forward with this project, here were a few of the key benefits we identified:

  • Patient Experience: 
    • As we continue to grow at Hills & Dales, we know that our inpatient rooms are outdated and not friendly to family members and visitors.  The renovation to the rooms will allow us to offer brand new, larger rooms with private bathrooms and showers.  It will also incorporate a family area into the rooms so that visitors feel welcome and have the space to stay overnight if desired.
    • The expansion on the main level will allow patients to easily access laboratory and radiology services if needed.  With two of our physician clinics, our After Hours Clinic, and the Specialty Physician Clinic now attached, patients don’t have to get into their vehicles to get any additional testing.
  •  Economic Development: 
    • Access to quality healthcare is a consideration of companies who are considering bringing their business to our town.  Additionally, our local hospital is a major employer in the county, currently employing over 275 people, offering good paying, professional jobs to local residents- the type of jobs that keep local young adults in the community after graduation.
  •  Physician Recruitment:  
    • Hills & Dales is committed to being a part of the Cass City community for a very long time.  This renovation is one more way we are setting ourselves up to continue providing the best care to our patients.  We are confident it will also make a big impression on physicians who come tour our facility.  We are state of the art and quality care is our top priority.


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